Holiday Planning

10 Life Hacks For a Better Christmas

Looking for a few quick and super-easy ways to take the “Argh!” out of Christmas and make it tastier, spicier, more fun, and less frustrating?

Check out these 10 life hacks for an overall better, more doable Christmas holiday season.

1. An Instant More Lush Christmas Tree

Got a sparse-looking Christmas tree? Wish it looked fuller?

Use shiny green garland and tinsel for an instantly lusher tree!

2. Spruce Up Your Hot Chocolate

Make your otherwise plain hot chocolate more yummy and more fun.


Spread whip cream on a cookie sheet. Freeze it, then use a heart-shaped (or pick your favorite shape) cookie cutter to make hearts that you add to the top of your hot cocoa!

3. A Super Easy Affordable Gift You Can Make

Need a nice and easy and affordable gift that you can make?

Okay then.

Make a Christmas candy sleigh. Use two candy canes as the sleigh’s rails.

Spread them out a couple of inches and glue other wrapped chocolate treats on the candy canes.

Think Kit Kats, thin mints, and other sweet treats.

4. Kids Bored? No More!

Kids bored or otherwise not that excited this Christmas season?

Have them make and play with easy three-ingredient snow slime!

Found out how to make the snow slime here.

5. Snack Foods Boring? Spice Them Up

Need a quick, easy, and delicious way to “spice” up your holiday snack foods?

Throw some candy canes in the blender and crush them to a powder.

Then add them to cookies, milk, egg nog, hot chocolate, and more!

6. The Fun Holiday-Way To Deal With Used Gift Wrap

Want a creative way to get rid of all that used wrapping paper after the gifts are opened?

Wrap a large cardboard box in festive gift wrap and use THAT as the bin to collect all the discarded wrapping paper.

Then, take it out to be recycled.

7. Another Candy Canes Hack

Have extra left-over candy canes (yeah, MORE candy canes — can’t have too many in a Christmas blog post!)?

Use them to make fun holiday name tag or place card holders at the holiday dinner table!

8. Another Hot Cocoa Tasty Topping

Want another tip for a scrumptious hot chocolate topping?

Grab your potato peeler and shave off strips from the edge of your favorite chocolate bar.

Layer them right on top of your favorite hot beverage for a richer, more heavenly chocolate delight!

9. Quick Fun Decorating Idea

Have some decorating you still need to do last minute?

Use some colored paper (for example, wide strips of holiday gift wrap, and shapes cut out of colored construction paper) and turn your refrigerator into a snowman!

10. Tame Your Tape Once and For All

Frustrated with locating the end of the roll of tape when wrapping presents?

Use a little plastic bread wrapper clip to hold your place on that pesky tape roll and make wrapping presents easier and faster.

See All of These Hacks In Action in This Video