10 Months ’til Christmas!

The countdown continues!

It’s February 25 and that means Christmas is exactly 10 months from today!

For the die-hard lovers of Christmas among us, for sure, this is nothing to write home about.

But at least we’re another 31 days closer than we were last month on this day (when I wrote about it being 11 months ’til the big day).

And at this point, we’ll take everything we can get! =)

Not too much to do still in terms of getting ready.

Having just felt the love of Valentine’s Day a week and half ago, next up is St. Patrick’s Day; maybe some luck o’ the Irish will wash over us all and make the time go by faster so we CAN get down to some real Christmastime planning.

Okay, take a deep breath… at least take stock in the fact that it’s NOT, like, a WEEK before Christmas and you have yet to begin your holiday gift shopping.

You can relax on that front since there are still 299 shopping days left!

Hang in there everyone.

In the meantime, here’s an update on Santa — word on the street is he’s still deep in a comfy winter’s slumber:

Santa Sleeping In Chair