11 Months ’til Christmas!

Can you believe it?

It’s January 25 and that means Christmas is exactly 11 months from today!

Woo hoo!

Alright, maybe it’s not that exciting.

But, I know plenty of people who mark the passage of time by this very measure! People who are just crazy wild about Christmas look at the date and immediately “calculate” in their mind how long to go until the Big Day!

Still, it’s only January.

And depending on your current mood or general feeling about the “… most wonderful time of year…”, you either consider the fact that this past Christmas was already a month ago and think, “Glad it’s over!” or look ahead and think, “Wow, have to wait almost an entire year for this next Christmas? Shucks!”

Either way, in preparation for THIS year’s holiday, not much to do at this point in terms of preparation.

I mean, you still have something like 330 shopping days left!

No urgency at all regarding gift-giving lists, party planning, travel, and all the rest.

Probably best to just take a hint from Santa himself and enjoy the “time off” for right now.

Santa Sleeping