5 Months ’til Christmas!

Hey there everyone!

Here we are, mid-way through summer (northern hemisphere, anyway!).

Can you feel it starting to get real? We are LESS THAN SIX months away from Christmas!

The big day is just five months from today!

Still, with the yuletide season in mind, gotta love that phrase “Christmas in July” more than ever right about now!

Let’s get to it.

Number of shopping days left: 152

5 Months Til Christmas

July Christmas Prep

So, what can you do THIS MONTH preparation-wise?

Take a break and get caught up.

Look through that last several months here on the blog and see where you are with THOSE tips.

How is your Christmas newsletter file? Have you recorded all relevant, notable activities and milestones this year so far?

If not, do that NOW. Waiting until the end of the year will cause too much stress as you try to remember all these topics you will want to include.

Have you looked for store sales to find gifts at bargain prices?

Same for stocking stuffers?

Make it a point to do this now because once fall arrives, you’ll be hard pressed to find good deals.

What about crafts you want to make for this year’s holiday season?

Be sure to come up with ideas and get all the materials you need now so you’re not scrambling during the most hectic time right after Thanksgiving.

Other Savings Ideas

It’s nearly back-to-school time and the stores are full of all kinds of supplies you can get good prices on.

A lot of these make great little gifts, perfect for stockings and great for kids and crafters.

Look for crayons, markers, pens, and paint brushes.

What about organizers and calendars and calculators?

You can look for clearance sales on summer toys, pet toys and supplies, plant and garden supplies, and patio furniture.

Santa Status

Again, it’s July.

Pretty sure the big guy was here, soaking up the rays…

Christmas In July Santa Was At Beach