6 Months ’til Christmas!

Hey everyone!

We made it! Well, to the midpoint of the year, anyway. It’s June!

And it’s SUMMER!

And here on the 25th day, it’s exactly six months until Christmas!

Does it feel like it?

For some, six months means Christmas is right around the corner.

For others, it’s more like a mirage: The closer we get to the big day, the farther away it seems because the waiting is just so hard!

Either way, another month has gone and we’re another month closer!

Shopping Days Left

How many shopping days are left now?


Less than 200… woooo whooooo!


What should you be doing now by way of prepping and planning for Christmas?

Think Recipes!

Now is a great time to start gathering ideas for all that you’re going to make and bake.

Everything from main courses like turkey and ham to side dishes to desserts like cakes and cookies.

Maybe you have some time-honored traditions but maybe this year you want to change up, even just a little, the goodies you typically make.

Do some brainstorming. Search online and in books and magazines.

Clip and cut and copy and paste.

Gather your recipes, cut-outs, print-outs. Store them by recipe type in a box or album or recipe journal.

Do this now so you’re not scrambling come early December.


Continue to save for gifts.

Have you been keeping up with a Christmas Savings Club of some type?

This could be something you do on your own or have your bank do. Ask at your bank about automatic savings plans that take care of moving funds from one account to a savings account for you every month.

Holiday Letter

Keep adding to this.

You did start a file in your word processing program, right? =)

Look back on the last month and add notes about anything special you did, fond memories you made, and noteworthy achievements you or your family members accomplished.

Keep at it every month so that in November when you’re ready to do the actual writing, you’ll have at your fingertips your complete record of the entire year.

I find it so much easier and faster to refer to a list like this that I pre-built throughout the year than trying to remember at the end of the year all the key points and topics I want to include in my letter.

This way, the letter practically writes itself. What a HUGE time-saver!

Then I print copies, fold them, and tuck them inside my holiday cards.

From the Santa Update Desk

The jolly ol’ elf has no choice but to get going on his own personal Christmas shopping EARLY!

He also uses technology wherever and whenever he can.

And so, like so many of us, he enjoys getting online to find just the right gift for all the special loved ones in HIS life!

Santa Christmas Shopping Online