7 Months ’til Christmas!

Hey everyone!

Time is just sailing along at a pretty rapid pace… that’s the way it feels to me anyway!


Sure, it’s not Christmas yet, of course, but here we are in May — almost half way through the year!

Just seven months to go — WOOT WOOT!

Let’s first tackle the number of shopping days left.

Here ya go:

228 Shopping Days Left!  

What Can/Should You Do This Month Prep-Wise?

Well… next month, summer officially arrives.

(Of course, THIS weekend – Memorial Day weekend – is the un-official start of the summer season.)

Time to check out your favorite retailers whether it be with their catalogs or other brochures that come in the mail or visiting their websites.

Many of them have big Memorial Day and start-of-summer sales.

It’s a great time to shop for bargains whether it be items to decorate your house with or for gifts.

So, you get an early start on your holiday shopping and save money while doing it – WIN!

Update Your Files For Your Holiday Letter

If you’re going to write you annual holiday letter this Christmas that tells all your loved ones about your year’s activities — or even if it will be the first time you create such a letter — be sure to grab your notebook and makes notes on anything notable since last month.

Remember, doing this makes it easy to write the letter: Just refer to your notes for each month.

Otherwise, you’ll have a tough time remembering all the things you want to include.

Santa Update: What’s the Ol’ Guy Up To?

It’s spring and even Santa’s got spring cleaning to do.

This month he’s focusing on his wardrobe.

He’s raided his closets and gathered much of his holiday essentials to cart it off to the dry cleaners.

Santa's Clothes Dry Cleaning