9 Months ‘til Christmas!

Granted with a whole nine months still to play with, you might think, “Okay, great to know, but wow there’s a lot of time left so not gonna worry about this right now.” … and you would be right.

But you would also do well to at least begin thinking about a couple of things you could start doing now in preparation for Christmas 2019.

Even if you take no action at this point but only do some thinking, you’ll be getting the ball rolling and that can be a good thing.

Some time in the next several months is when you can actually start some doing.

What You Can Start Doing Now

A few benefits of oh-so-early action taking include:

  • The potential to save some money
  • Save some time (and thereby free up more time right around Christmas to actually enjoy yourself instead of running frantically about to get holiday things done)
  • Have a lot less stress that always seems to go hand-in-hand with the holiday season.

We’ll explore these actions in the upcoming months, but a few things to at least give some thought to include:

  • What your budget is likely to be this year
  • Stashing away a few dollars every month starting now
  • Gifts for certain key people so you can start seeing buying opportunities even now.

Again, more ideas and specifics to follow each month here leading up to Christmas.

Number of Shopping Days Left: 271  

Meanwhile, from the “Santa Update” desk…

…some exclusive insider news reveals that the jolly ol’ elf has come out of his long winter’s slumber and is out enjoying a choice vigorous activity or two…

Santa Skiing 9 Months Til Christmas