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Christmas Candle Window Lights

Christmas candle window lightsI have 10 of these lovely pewter LED window candles for all of our front- and side-facing windows for the holidays.

I bought these because I wanted to replace our old plug-in candles that kept falling off the window sills no matter how I rigged them up. I was looking for something sturdy, stylish, and cordless.

I am pleased with these candles because the LED light is warm soft white (not yellow/orange) and inviting.

I especially like that there is a dusk to dawn sensor in each candle, which is turned toward to window for operation. Also, there are two modes of lighting — flickering and steady burning.

I like to turn my candles off when everyone is in bed to save battery life, except on Christmas Eve when I keep them on throughout the night until morning. Each candle takes two C batteries, and I found battery life to be sufficient to get through about a month of operation.

I first discovered these candles from my sister who bought four for her front windows.

I thought they looked so nice when I drove up her driveway in the evening, and I also loved how they looked on her window sills from the inside.

I like the pewter base and the smooth look to the plastic candle. They are a nice upgrade to our old, yellowing candles and look especially nice with a little holly wrapped around the base.