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Dog Ornaments for Christmas Tree

Precious must-have Christmas tree dog ornamentsI have five of these adorable bone shaped #1 Dog ornaments. I bought one last year to welcome our latest rescue dog, but once I received it and saw how nice it is, I had to go back and buy four more for our other “#1 Dogs” who have passed.

Together, the five ornaments look super festive on our tree with their glossy white, red and green finishing. They really pop against the green pine needles and reflect the tree lights.

This year I plan to buy a few more of these same ornaments to give out as gifts to friends who have recently welcomed their own rescue dogs from the same rescue group we worked with.

I think they’ll love them! The ornaments are personalized, but not breed specific, which I really like, especially since I’m a big fan of rescue mutts!

As for my own little set of five ornaments, this year I am going to set up a special little tabletop Christmas tree that is just for our dogs.

Our five glossy #1 Dog bone ornaments will mostly fill up the little tree and should look fantastic with a shiny red garland and a few other select ornaments.

I first saw this ornament when visiting a friend who had one on her tree for her new little Lab puppy. I thought it was so cute that I had to have one for my new rescue!

I love the other dog ornaments as well, but this one really stood out for me because of the little red hanging heart, the paw prints and the holly leaves. I like seeing my dogs’ names on the ornaments, and the years in which they came to me.

I considered ordering them with the year in which they were born, but since most of my dogs are older rescues without clear knowledge of their birth year, I decided to print the year of their coming home on their special ornament.

These personalized ornaments are very special to me.