Favorite Christmas Books For Kids

Favorite Christmas books for kidsHave kids? Well then… Your Christmas holiday preparation and planning is not complete unless you gather and use your collection of favorite Christmas story and picture books for kids.

Not only do holiday books look great on display, rivaling that of traditional Christmas decorations, but they also serve an even greater purpose: If you want an almost magical way to create some strong Christmas memories for years to come for your kids, look no further than a collection of Christmas books.

Sure, there’s no question how much all of us in our family look forward to the many classic holiday TV shows and movies every year. There’s definitely a place for them.

But with books, we sit together and read aloud and share the story in a way you just can’t achieve with watching a screen. The books allow us to focus more on us, our togetherness, and the story (as opposed to having our common focus on a screen in the corner of the room).

Reading favorite Christmas book with kidsWe get immersed in the stories as we strengthen our bond and appreciation for each other.

Nothing like getting into our jammies, grabbing a cup of hot chocolate cocoa, and sitting next to each other on the floor, couch, or even in bed (the bed thing is only AFTER the cocoa is gone!) to share the fun and delightful tales of the season.

Our collection of Christmas books has grown over the years and our reading together continues to be an activity we cherish each December.

In past years, I would take 12 books wrap each one, using them to count down the days to Christmas. Beginning on the twelfth day before the big day, the kids would pick one and open it. That’s the one we would read.

Each night thereafter, we’d repeat the fun! Oh, they loved that! It was something they so very much looked forward to each day. Each book became an early present to unwrap. But it was like two gifts in one: The book itself and the gift of the magic, fun, inspiration, and delight of the pictures and/or story.

So with that, here are a few of our favorite Christmas books. If you don’t already have your own collection, feel free to use this list to start building your own library of treasured holiday kids books you and your family will enjoy year after year.

book-grinch-100wHow the Grinch Stole Christmas
In this Christmas classic, the grumpy ol’ Grinch has it in for all the Who’s in Whoville and so makes plans to stop Christmas from coming to the quaint little town and all its residents. And while he succeeds in stealing all their gifts, he watches as Christmas still comes, right on schedule, discovering in the process that the joy and spirit of Christmas is not found in material things as he initially thought.


book-the-visit-100wThe Visit: The Origin of The Night Before Christmas
A truly delightful masterpiece, kind of two books in one. It’s an absorbing tale of how the classic story poem, The Night Before Christmas, came to be written. With a meter and rhyme reminiscent of the poem itself, coupled with amazing illustrations, this one will quickly become a favorite of kids of all ages (from one to 92!).


book-christmast-trolls-100wChristmas Trolls
While Christmas is Treva’s favorite time of year, she’s puzzled this year by the mysterious disappearance of all the presents and decorations. She unwittingly happens upon two little creatures – trolls – taking the Christmas pudding. Why take all these things, she wonders? She learns that the trolls simply want to have Christmas too, but they don’t understand its true meaning.


book-story-of-christmas-100wThe Story of Christmas
A perfect little gem for kids 2-5 years old, this quaint board book relays the real meaning of Christmas. In a package perfect for little hands, the story of baby Jesus is conveyed in a traditional, simple yet complete way, making it easy to understand.


book-small-medium-and-large-100wSmall, Medium and Large
In this delightful superbly illustrated picture book (with almost no words), follow the story of young girl named Sammy who wants nothing more than a friend this Christmas. And so, she writes Santa a letter expressing her wish. Read about how Sammy’s wish comes true – and then some – on Christmas morning! Sammy learns that the joy and magic of Christmas goes well beyond just toys as she and her new friends make snow angels, have a snowball fight, and bake holiday cookies.


More to come.  I love seeing other favorite Christmas books. Comment below with yours!