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Felt Elf Hat Tree Topper

Elf Hat Christmas Tree ToppersOh, I really have to get some of these elf hat tree toppers! They are perfect for my family because my two young sons just adore elves!  

They look forward to setting out our collection of elves every year, and they each get a new elf ornament for the tree each Christmas.

This year I think it would be so much fun for them to come downstairs on Christmas morning to see our tree dressed up as an elf!  We’ll sneak the elf hat on the tree after they’ve gone to sleep on Christmas eve.

 I can definitely see this elf hat as our family’s new tradition for Christmas tree decorating every year!  In fact, I suspect there will be some arguing over who gets to put the hat on the tree!  I especially love the curly looping tip of the hat, and the whimsical elfy fabric.  

It’s great that it’s made of stiff cardboard, too, so that it will stand up nice and straight on the tree top.

Since we like to put up two Christmas trees every year, one big one in the living room, and another smaller one in our tv room, I think I’ll buy two different elf hat toppers, one for each tree.

I imagine that my boys are going to want to wear the hats as soon as they see them, so it’ll be good to have two anyway, one for each boy.  

I found this elf hat tree topper while I was looking for other elf related products to add to our holiday collection.  The red crown part and the red/green/white candy striped length reminded me so much of my older son’s favorite elf doll’s hat so it caught my attention.

I especially like that the hats looks like they will  keep their shape, which I think will look really awesome up on the trees year after year.

I’ve already put this elf hat tree topper in my shopping cart.  I just need to find the right pattern for the second one, to make it special for my younger son, too.  

But since I love the red with red/green/white candy stripes hat so much, I might just have to get two of the same design!