Christmas Apparel

Funny Christmas Pajamas For Adults

I don’t have a set of funny Christmas pajamas for adults yet, but I want to get some for my husband and myself, and for my sister and her whole family, for Christmas this year.  

Christmas Vacation Pajamas

I don’t know about you, but in my family, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without watching, at least once during the holidays, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!

So silly, so funny, so sort-of-stupid in many ways, but delightful! We can all relate on some level to Clark Griswold and his somewhat dysfunctional family.

Clark means well with his huge sentimental heart and yearning to keep holiday traditions alive as he tries everything to have the perfect family Christmas.

But whatever can go wrong, does go wrong!

Get in on the fun this holiday season by popping up some popcorn, changing into your cozy Christmas Vacation pajamas, and hunkering down to watch.

The movie usually streams during December but if you can’t find it or simply want your own copy, get it here.

Matching Christmas Pajamas For Adults

What better way to spend Christmas with your honey than in fun, warm, cozy jammies that match! You and your significant-other will enjoy the holidays together even more while wearing your look-alike PJs.

Have fun making long-lasting memories together throughout the whole holiday season making meals, baking cookies, sipping hot chocolate, snuggling up watching Christmas movies in your matching holiday themed sleepwear!

For even more fun, be a kid again (it is Christmas after all!) in these his-and-hers super-soft and comfy fleece onesie footed pajamas keeping you warm from neck to toe!

Cartoon Pajamas For Adults

When looking for just the right set of Christmas pajamas, I came across these awesome green Charlie Brown flannel sets that are not only made for adults, but for kids and infants, and even dogs!  

I know for a fact that my sister and her husband are going to love these, and my husband, too, because we grew up with Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang, and we just love watching A Charlie Brown Christmas every year.

What I really love about these Christmas pajamas — besides the fact that I can’t wait for our families to coordinate our sleepwear with our dogs!! — is that the adult and pet pajamas are made of 100% brushed cotton flannel.  

The children’s PJs are made of polyester flannel and are flame resistant.  

I adore this oh-so-cute-and-festive design, with Snoopy decorating his red dog house and the whole Peanuts gang all over the pjs.

I can’t wait to buy these for our dogs and dress them up for walks in the snowy weather.  Our three pups will be the talk of the neighborhood for sure!!  

Christmas is going to be so much fun when we all open our Charlie Brown Christmas pajamas together!