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Funny Christmas Sweaters – Ugly or Cute These Are a Must-Have For Your Holiday Wardrobe

Ugly Christmas Sweater Women's Penguin Light-Up Crew-Neck Pullover Sweater

Few things adequately and immediately express the frivolity of the holiday season like Christmas sweaters can…

… (well, except maybe the annoying non-stop silly dumb pun-laden and perhaps even embarrassing jokes told by Uncle Joey at the family get-together after he’s had one too many glasses of spiked punch or egg nog).

Of course, we’re talking here the so-called “ugly” variety of sweater, the funny, the humorous, the gawdy.

There are a lot to choose from? Wanna see?

Here are just the TOP RATED ugly Christmas Sweaters with FREE shipping!

Whether you want one of these novelty holiday sweaters for the annual Christmas eve party with family or something to wear to the office holiday party, you’ll turn plenty of heads, generate wide smiles, and garner many comments with your tacky Christmas sweater.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Men and Women

When you think of funny Christmas apparel it’s hard not to immediately think “ugly Christmas sweaters!

Some are just regular sweatshirts – black, green, red or white – printed with busy designs, usually in a multitude of colors and usually themed to match the interest or hobby of the wearer. Others just have holiday sentiments or cute jokes.

With endless design possibilities, you are sure to find something you’ll like. Many are cute and will draw smiles, while others are downright offensive (but if that’s what you’re going for, have at it!).

In addition to regular sweatshirts, there are also actual knitted sweaters with funky colors and cabling and intricate patterns.

But everyone seems to love them (or hate them, and THAT makes them even more appealing to wear): Men and women of all ages, and kids too!

You can also get both types of sweater shirts with all manner of doo-dads attached to and hanging off of them. The serious ugly sweater owner will proudly proclaim, “The more embellishments on the garment, the better!”

You can find them festooned with lights, glitter, tinsel, candy canes, reindeer and Santa figures, and more.

Women’s Christmas Sweaters That Light Up

Maybe you want a Christmas sweater with lights. Okay… it shall be yours!

You can get a sweater with color strings and strands of lights printed on the shirt, all over, front and back.

Or you can get a shirt that has actual lights; ya know, battery powered so that they really light up!

Other options include lights that blink on and off for that every-festive (and annoying!) twinkling effect!

Funny Couples Christmas Sweaters

More and more couples want to be dressed in either matching clothes or complimentary outfits that convey, “Clearly, we’re together!”

The two of you will be a hit wearing any of these fun and funny sweaters!

It’s the perfect get-up for newlyweds, just engaged, or even older folks who want to show off their long-standing continued love for one another!

Plus Size Light Up Christmas Sweater

Holiday sweaters are perfect to get oversized. Getting a size that is actually a size or two up from what you normally wear makes the sweater more of something that wraps you in cozy warmth making it the perfect lounge-wear on a cold winter’s night.

This selection of plus size sweaters will get you started… there are many to choose from!

And if you just need a larger size in general, you’re in luck too because many sweaters are already oversized and are readily available.

A Few of My Favorite Christmas Sweaters for Women

Ugly Christmas Sweaters