Funny Christmas Videos

Funny Christmas Tree Fails and Other Decoration Follies

Ever get that feeling when your planning your Christmas, getting everything ready, decorating the house, shopping, wrapping gifts, cooking and baking, and all the rest

We all know that when it comes to planning and getting ready for Christmas, you’re looking at a pretty big job.

It’s an activity with a lot of moving parts, right?

There’s so much to do: Decorating, shopping, scheduling, wrapping gifts, cooking, cleaning, baking and all the rest.

No doubt with so many tasks, you’ve probably experienced your share of “fails”, things that go wrong, don’t work out as you intended, and make you want to scream and just run for cover.

When that happens, do you ever get the feeling that it’s just YOU this is happening to?

Well, you’re not alone!

Check out this video of Christmas tree fails (and a few other decoration disasters)!

There are toppling trees, dogs and cats and kids wreaking havoc, folks falling off ladders and chairs, and more!

What makes these scenes so funny is that you can probably 100% relate!

So next time you feel nothing is going right with your decorating or other Christmas preparation work, just remember this little video and smile!