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Hanging Garland Decorations: Creative Ways To Use Garland For Eye-Popping Holiday Decor

Hey everyone!

Think garland and what comes to mind?

Plain ol’ silver or gold and just wrap it around your Christmas tree?

Well think again!

Garland comes in many varieties these days.

You need just apply a little imagination and you’ll have a versatile item in your home decorations supplies to truly make for eye-popping holiday décor!

Hanging Garland Decorations

Garland: A Quick Fun History

Many years ago the first inhabitants to arrive in America brought with them the tradition of making garland to use in decorating their homes as well as making garland to sell.

The materials to make up the garland were furnished by nature.

Evergreen branches, leaves and berries were woven together to form lovely decorations for the home.

Natural Evergreen Berries Garland Decoration

Later, with the introduction of artificial materials, garlands were easier to make and would last for years instead of just one season.

Like the settlers, you can decorate with garland and give your home some holiday cheer that’s sure to bring a glow of satisfaction when you see it.

The Many Colors and Textures of Garland

With so many garland types and colors to choose from, you can enjoy numerous options to get just the look you want!

You can find garland in natural green, multi-colors, blue, red and a host of many other colors.

Whatever your Christmas theme is, there’s sure to be a garland color that will complement it.

If you prefer to decorate your house with softer colors, you can also find garland in pale mauve and other pastel hues.

Garland Decorating Ideas

There are many ways of hanging garland as a decoration on its own.

It can also be used as a base for other decorations and lights.

For decorating inside your home, you can use the natural green garland on top of your fireplace.

Hanging Garland Decorations On Fireplace Mantel

Lay it across the mantle stretched from end to end. You can cut pieces of garland to make appear fuller.

Get the garland that has a thin wire in it so you can bend it and shape it.

Tuck red holly berries among the garland and wrap pieces of it around the bottoms of Christmas candles.

Garland can also be used on top of curtain rods in any room to bring in a touch of Christmas.

If you live in a house or apartment with an upstairs living area, you can twine garland through the spirals of the stairs along the banisters.

Decorating Staircase Railing By Hanging Garland

Intersperse the garland with lights for added punch.

You can also use garland on your Christmas tree if you have an artificial tree and the limbs show the middle rod of the tree.

You can wrap the natural green garland around the rod of the tree and it gives the tree a fuller appearance.

The different colors of garland can be looped around your Christmas tree to give it that dazzling effect.

Hanging Garland Christmas Tree Decoration

Video: Make a Stunning Hanging Garland Decoration For Your Mantel

See how to easily create a breathtaking garland decoration for your fireplace mantel without breaking the bank!


However you end up using garland, you can be sure it will be that extra something that visually ties all your other decorations together so they all look and work better together.