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Nativity Christmas Tree Ornaments

nativity christmas tree ornamentsI purchased two sets of these resin Holy Family nativity ornaments for a total of 24 ornaments.

I bought them to give out as gifts to my Sunday School students, and I can’t wait to give them out. They are very cute, and they’re a nice way to keep the true meaning of Christmas in the hearts of my students.

I really like the bold colors and the warm, comforting faces on the figures.

I’ve seen other designs of nativity scene ornaments in my online search and also in stores.

Some are more elegant than these, and some are made of wood or metal, but I really love these resin ones for my students. I think these are more child-like and will remind my students of this Christmas and this time in their lives for years to come as they hang the ornaments year after year.

I think I’m going to order more sets to keep for myself. I like to set up small Christmas trees in each bedroom every year, and every year I try to come up with new theme ideas for these small trees.

I think a nativity themed tree is a great idea for the one in my bedroom, and a set or two of these adorable resin nativity ornaments will look really nice with some red bows spaced around the branches and accented with silver garland.

It’s going to look great!