Indoor Decorations

Pink Flamingo Christmas Ornaments

Anytime I see a pink flamingo lawn ornament, I think of my cousin.

She’s crazy about flamingos and has a large collection of them on her front lawn. We were close growing up, but now she lives far across the country from me, and we rarely get a chance to visit.

To make sure she knows I’m thinking of her, I started a tradition of sending her a new and different pink flamingo Christmas ornament each year!

If you know someone who’s crazy about pink flamingos (and A LOT of people are!), then I highly recommend you think about getting them a flamingo ornament for their Christmas tree (or lawn) just like I am for my cousin.

I like to go to gift shops and look for ornaments, but this year I decided to do an online search. I discovered so many different kinds, it’s hard to select just one.

For this year, I’m going with this one: The surfboard flamingo ornament!

My cousin is going through a mid-life crisis of sorts and has recently learned how to surf, so I think this will be perfect! I would love to go through her mid-life crisis with her, but I think this ornament is going to be the closest thing I ever get to surfing.

This little guy is so cute.

He’s made of resin and painted bright pink with colorful accents. I love his shoes most of all, but I think my cousin is going to love the little drink in his hand and the expression on his face.

The ornament measures 3 ¾” x 2 ¾” x ¾”.

There’s another one that I think I will order for her and tuck it away for another Christmas.

It’s this flamingo paddle boarding (my cousin does that, too!)…

For now, I’m excited to mail the surfboarding pink flamingo off to her. She’ll call me when she receives it, and I know she’ll shriek with delight.

She always does.

And then she’ll send me a photo of her Christmas tree with the new flamingo hung up near all the others. Fun tradition!