Outdoor Decorations

Santa Sleigh Outdoor Decoration

santa sleigh outdoor decorationsHaving always wanted some type of Santa decoration for the front yard as long as we’ve been in this house, I bought this elegant glittering Santa sleigh last year to add to our Christmas display for all to see as they pass by or enter the driveway.

The Christmas Eve party we host most years brings much of our extended family together with children of all ages. I thought this lit-up sleigh would be a fun way to welcome the younger kids to our house, all lit up and containing colorful wrapped gifts for each of them in the sleigh as they walked to the front door.

I wasn’t wrong about that!

The kids were SO excited to find their names on the gifts sitting in the sleigh when they explored our light-up display before coming in the house.

I am very pleased with this purchase. The sleigh is 41 inches and loaded with mini white lights for a charming decoration. I made a large red bow with long trailing ribbons to attach to the sleigh to give it extra festive color.

I’ve had this sleigh for one season so far, and it held up well to the snowy New England weather. I’m very happy with the size. The sleigh is not enormous, which is great for storage, and it’s not so small as to look tiny in our yard in front of our house.

This year I’m planning to place the sleigh exactly as I did last year because I know when the younger kids come over they will be looking forward to discovering their gifts in it like last year, but I also have a very nice space inside our breezeway where it would look fabulous through the front windows and would make a lovely welcome to our home for our guests over the holidays.

I searched for several decorative sleighs before I settled on this one, and I’m not at all disappointed with my purchase. I also liked the wooden ones that are very sturdy and would look lovely draped in strings of white or multi-color lights.

And I like some of the adorable inflatable Santa-with-Sleigh decorations. In the end, I like the Elegant Glittering sleigh the best because it goes so nicely with my decor, and looks so nice at night when lit up.