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Quick Guide: Top Way-To-Go Christmas Gifts for Teens

Are you a parent or a grandparent with teenagers on your Christmas list?

Spending too much time scratching your head wondering what you should get them?

Top Gifts For Teens with Free Shipping

You’re not alone!

Known fact: Teens can be hard to shop for!

And so, here you have it:

Your QUICK-READ QUICK-GIFT-GUIDE to buying for the 13 – 19 year old “kids” on your list!


It seems sometimes like their interests change rapidly and they’re usually pretty reserved and off to themselves.

If you’re not able to get a full, actual list out of them, then it might be a lot easier to just get something that you’re confident that they can use and enjoy on a regular basis.

Here are FIVE top Christmas gift choices sure to be a hit with almost any teen…

Portable Charger

One good option you can go for is a portable charger.

There are all kinds of different levels to these, from little ones that can fully recharge a phone once, all the way up to ones that can recharge a phone 10 times over.

These can come in very handy if they’re out and about a lot and don’t have access to a charger all the time, especially if they use their phone a lot.


Wireless Headphones

A big fad for teens nowadays is wireless headphones.

They’re easily available from all kinds of retailers, varying in prices from $20 to over $100.

They make it a lot easier for them to listen to music or videos on the go without having to worry about that cord dangling around connected to their phone.

You really can’t go wrong with these as long as they’re good quality.


Media Player Stick

If your teen has a TV in their room, then a media player stick can grant them easy access to all of their favorite streaming services.

Things like the Roku or Amazon Fire stick can be plugged into a TV and give them an easy way to log into their Netflix or Hulu accounts and watch their favorite shows at the press of a button.

It’s often in better quality and on a bigger screen than they’d get from a laptop, phone, or tablet, so they’ll be able to enjoy their favorite shows in the best possible way.

And the stick is very affordable for any budget.

Keychain Locator

If your teen has just started driving, then you might be worried about them losing their keychain.

A keychain locator is just what they might need to ensure that they never lose their valuables, as it connects to an app on their phone and guides them to their keys, wherever they might be.

Self Care Stuff

Finally, self-care items tend to be a good hit with teens.

Anything from bath bombs to acne care medication helps ensure that their skin is clear during the tough times of being a teenager.

Those teenage years are a critical period in which they tend to be overly self-conscious about their appearance.

So anything that can help in that area will likely go over well.

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